Patti Rivera

Hi babes and welcome to my fashion diary.

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of, California, but I'm currently residing in  Rogers, Arkansas.  Proud of my valley girl accent I will forever be a city girl at heart . I'm a cool mom to a sassy seven year old and fiancé to an amazing chef. A little about why I decided to create this blog, I want a place where I can express my creativity and style with super fab babes out in the social media world.  My best friend started her blog a few years ago and inspired me to finally get mine running you should deff check her out she's pretty amazing!


I'm a lover of all kinds of fashion, from street, trendy, chic, and well the list goes on. For me it's more than fashion more than a piece of clothing or name brand, they key is style and who you are it's very personal to me. I live to express myself through style and fashion in someway I am saying who I am, I am here, I am fierce, I am basically Carrie Bradshaw. I mean come on isn't she everyone's spiritual animal? I dress for myself, because it makes me feel good it gives me confidence, and well I like to stare at my reflection as I walk by store windows anyone else?  If I like it I wear it and own it, I like to take risk but always stay true. I am really excited for my little fashion gem I hope you guys enjoy! And Thank you for taking this new magical journey with me my ultimate goal for styleandfashionwithherr is to inspire others to get creative, do what they love and find magic and happiness in everything.

Viva la Moda!