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Denim is love

Patti RiveraComment
Denim is love

Hi Babes,

Sunday is here and I hope you all are ready to slay another week. I had been feeling a bit out of my funk, reasoning on why I have been a little absent from my fashion gem. But enough about that I'm back and feeling my sparkly self and ready to talk style and fashion. There are two items that I think almost every babe should own a band tee and my absolute favorite a Jean Jacket, it's something that in my opinion will never go out of style and you can honestly wear them all year long which is a major plus. I love music so my band tee collection is never ending. Next week I'll be in Kansas City for Cold Play concert I saw them last year and they were beyond amazing. Let's just say it was a magical experience, still debating what I'm going to wear I wanted to do something more colorful but I don't know we will see. Let's talk a little more about today's look, its tax free weekend so I wanted to get a little back to school shopping for my little girlfriend. I paired my favorite jean jacket with my Kiss tee. More on the ripped jean jacket I love everything  about it from the fit to the color denim is seriously the way of life. I have several other styles of jean jackets but I always go back to this one. It was love at first sight with my Kiss shirt I love the cut off neck line and the vintage feel. Kiss will actually be in concert here in the next couple months if want to rock and roll all night just saying! And drum roll please I'm cheesy I know. I styled today's look with  black jeans, I'm obsessed with these jeans not only are the little zippers on the side super chic but they are stretchy and very comfortable. Again you all know how I love to accessorize I went for these blue gems to add a little pizzazz they are amazing by far one of my favorite TJ Max finds. I went for a long earnings, they remind me of a crescent moon love the mix of the gold and silver and they are Steve Madden and quick note they were under 5 dollars so WIN WIN! I almost styled today's look with a  leather skirt because who doesn't love leather? but it was rainy and cloudy and I was not feeling it, throwing that out there just in case you're not a jean kind of girl you have endless way of styling a jacket and 'shirt I can seriously go on and on but I don't want to bore ya. I just want to say a BIG Thank you  for taking the time to read my fashion gem I've received so much support from everyone around me and the feeling I just can't explain it.  Let me know what you guys would like to see what you don't like I am always open for new ideas so please feel free to share. As always stay fierce and slay on until our next fashion adventure.

Viva la Moda! 




Outfit Deets;

Kiss Tee - Burlington 

Ripped Jean Jacket - TJ Max

Black Jeans - TJ Max

Blue Strapped Heels - TJ Max

Steve Madden Earnings - Burlingston